Manufacture of buckwheat groats

LLC «Vinnytskyy krupozavod» is a modern manufacturing company with developed infrastructure.

Company produces buckwheat, buckwheat crushed grain, hulling bran of first and second category, grain screenings and sales it all over Ukraine and to other countries.

History of the LLC "Vinnytskyy krupozavod" originated in 1999. Our buckwheat plant processes 50 tons of grain per day. Project documentation developed by the Kiev institute "Promzernoproekt" and Dnipropetrovsk SPE "Transynbud."

LLC «Vinnytskyy krupozavod» is a unique project, an alliance of science and practice with no analogues in the CIS countries. The plant embedded automated process control system and a series of "know-how", developed by scientists that contributed to the manufacture of high quality products that meet international standards.

High quality finished products are competitive and meet the needs and tastes of consumers. They are produced according to GOST 5550-74 and DSTU 4524: 2006. 

Recently, we carried out modernization of production, and permanently we do certification of our laboratories. Also, we purchased new devices to monitor the quality of finished products.  Therefore, they have high consumer properties as compared to competitors' products. 


Production line for grain cleaning was modernized in 2012-2013. Outdated equipment was replaced by more efficient, energy - economic of closed type equipment, which made it possible to achieve more effective preparation for grain mass processing, with smaller losses. Hygienic level of manufacturing was also  improved.

The upgraded process of the primary heat treatment of grain, lead to better buckwheat quality and 100% compliement with the requirements as for speed cooking of State Quality Standarts. As well as upgrading the steaming unit allowed to avoid gumming-up, boiling soft and other grain spoiling, which ultimately led to better quality grains.

The production capacity of the plant also includes equipment for receiving and unloading grain or buckwheat to vehicles and the railway transport.

Transporting expenses to the unloading place are paid by customers.

Company is developing both wholesale and retail trade. Therefore invites you to cooperation!